“YEARN FOR YARN?” says the sign on the window.

Once inside, it’s clear you’re among those with a similar passion. “The Woolpack” belongs to the customers as much as the staff.

It’s not uncommon to see folks sitting on the floor surrounded by a pinwheel of colors planning their next project, or to find guests (strangers to each other) exchanging thoughts and helpful advice about yarns, patterns, or techniques. Bins are filled with fibers from roving to yarns in cotton, bamboo, linen and silk, to traditional wool, angora, camel, samoyed, and qiviut blends, to exquisite cashmere and everything in between. The range of gauges, colors, and prices is one of the shop’s hallmarks.

“Unwind your mind, soothe your soul and knit yourself silly” is the store’s mantra but it also describes a visit to The Woolpack.

Shopowner Janet Hampson’s words are simple: “if we help you become a successful knitter, we’ll be a successful shop.”

What we have come to know is that success is measured in many different ways. Sometimes it means picking up the dropped stitch or unraveling a cable back 20 rows to avoid having to reknit an entire piece. Once in while, it means finding the exact dye lot for the last 3 rows of a sweater. And, every so often it’s just a hug or cup of tea.

Yarn is only the beginning. 

The button collection is reminiscent of a penny candy counter. Sweater samples, books, leaflets and yarn swatches keep the inspiration flowing. We dabble with needle felting, beaded knits, roving and weaving.

An extensive class offering lets guests explore new techniques and the weekly knitting classes give others an opportunity to dedicate two hours for self preservation.

Whether it’s the perfect knitting bag to house your latest project, whimsical stitch markers, exquisitely adorned needles, fancy readers to see and be seen in, it’s all here.

Whether you find what you need or need what you find, every visit is an adventure.